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Enlisted Airmen

From Enlisted to Officer

澳门赌钱几种玩法及其预备学校为我们最优秀的飞行员和监护人提供进入美国空军服役的机会.S. Air Force or U.S. Space Force. 入伍的飞行员和监护人拥有军事知识和证明的可靠性,当出现在澳门赌钱几种玩法, setting them up for success early on.

Turn Potential into Reality

在该学院或其预科学校就读的在校生是美国最优秀的学生之一.S. Air Force and Space Force have to offer. 我们要求指挥官和酋长寻找和推荐表现优异的飞行员或品德高尚的守护者, strong academic ability, leadership potential and outstanding physical fitness.

Leaders Encouraging Airman Development (LEAD) Program

LEAD计划是一项持续的努力,旨在培养我们最优秀、最聪明的飞行员(现役), (预备役和国民警卫队)通过任命他们到美国政府任职,使他们有机会脱颖而出.S. Air Force Academy and the Academy Prep School. 该计划授权单位指挥官确定优秀的和值得的飞行员与军官潜力的这个调试计划.

我们在学院的LEAD项目联络点可以通过719-333-2233 (DSN 333)或 and is available to answer any questions you may have.




Enlisted personnel from other services may apply to USAFA; however, 他们没有资格获得领导计划的提名,必须像任何平民候选人一样获得提名. Additionally, 应征入伍的成员必须收到他们的单位指挥官的积极推荐,并获得批准,从他们的服务释放. If appointed, a DD Form 368, Request for Conditional Release, 必须由单兵所在部队指挥官填写(见DAFMAN 36-2032, Paragraph 8.4.4.). 在处理年度的6月1日之前,无法从他们的服务中获得释放, incomplete or incorrect documentation of release, 或者无法在规定的日期(通常是6月底)之前向USAFA报告,将导致预约取消.

应征入伍的其他军种的成员要想通过军事学院获得委任,必须首先咨询他们所属军种的政策和项目.  陆军、海军和海岸警卫队在申请USAFA时可能有限制和限制. 陆军和海军也有类似于空军LEAD项目的项目,旨在让士兵进入美国军事学院和美国海军学院.  这些计划可能更适合从其他部门征募的成员.

How to Apply

感兴趣的飞行员应通过审查DAFMAN 36-2032第10章来确保他们符合入伍服役计划的资格, Enlisted Commissioning Programs. Pay special attention to Paragraph 10.5, Table 10.6, Paragraph 10.12 and Table 10.8. Airmen must meet the legal requirements listed below. If they are eligible and meet legal requirements, they must complete AF Form 1786 and complete and submit a Pre-candidate Questionnaire.

Eligibility Requirements

As with any applicant, 入伍的飞行员必须确保他们符合被任命为学院或预科学校的资格要求.

You must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen or be able to obtain citizenship before entry into the Academy.
  • Be 17 years of age for direct entry but cannot be past your 23rd birthday on July 1 of the year of entry.
  • 预科学校的入学年龄必须在17岁以上,入学当年的7月1日不能超过22岁生日.
  • Be unmarried.
  • Bear no legal obligation to support a child or other individual.
  • Not be pregnant.
  • Be of high moral character.

AF Form 1786

AF Form 1786 澳门赌钱几种玩法的入学申请是否有配额分配给空军的正规和预备役成员. To compete for appointment, 您必须填写并提交候选前问卷和AF表格1786.


The AF Form 1786 should:

  • Be completed by the member.
  • Be endorsed by the squadron commander.
  • Be processed by the military personnel flight.

如果飞行员已经在今年早些时候提交了在线申请, the application package would have already identified the need for transcripts; therefore, 如果这是与学院的第一次通信,成绩单只需要作为AF表格1786包的一部分.

Submission Deadline

  • 完成候选前问卷(3月1日至12月31日).
  • Send AF Form 1786 to U.S. 澳门赌钱几种玩法招生顾问(不早于入学前一年的7月1日,不迟于入学当年的1月31日).


Office of Admissions
2304 Cadet Drive, Suite 2300
USAF Academy, CO 80840-5025


  • March 1

    Application opens (year prior to entry)

  • January 31

    AF Form 1786 submission deadline

  • January 15

    Completed candidate package due

Previous Performance

我们将通过你参加体育活动的记录来评估你的领导潜力, including team or individual sports and nonathletic activities, such as class offices, public speaking, Civil Air Patrol or scouting.



Selection Criteria

我们在竞争的基础上考虑所有候选人(常规或预备),以任命为学院和预科学校. Examination results and previous performance determine selections.

We’ll notify you of your qualification and selection status in early May. 未被学院直接录取的飞行员或监护人将自动被考虑进入预科学校.

  • Experience the Birthplace of Leaders

    追寻我们国家最受尊敬的领导人的足迹是什么感觉? Come see the United States Air Force Academy for yourself and find out.

  • If You Have Questions, Get Answers

    Our outreach programs can help you determine whether the U.S. 澳门赌钱几种玩法是适合你的,以及帮助你使你的申请尽可能完整和有竞争力.

  • How Can You Learn More?

    我们的大部分活动都在秋季和春季举行,夏季的活动较少. To learn more about the U.S. Air Force Academy, check for an event that may be convenient for you.